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Published by loveandspit on April 17, 2017

Ep. 65: How to keep a man interested in sex with the same woman?

We were listening to the Black Phillip show with Patrice O’Neal and there was a piece of advice given that we appreciated and wanted to delve into. How do you keep a man interested in sex long-term? “Pee on the floor.” Take the first step, initiate by action. We talk about how DOING something is…

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Published by loveandspit on April 10, 2017

Ep. 64: Coping with negative news stories as a couple

Chloé is feeling physically hurt by the amount of disasters that have been reported online daily. She’s had to ask Jacob to not talk about what he’s reading throughout the day because it’s too much to process and is physically painful. We’re using the strategy of checking in with each other once a day, so…

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Published by loveandspit on April 3, 2017

Ep. 63: How to talk to a partner who is having too many candy bars

How do you let your partner know you’re concerned about their behavior without being a jerk. Typically when a person is indulging too much in something, whether that be drinking, eating sugar, watching tv, smoking, the indulging is a symptom of something else that isn’t being talked about. It’s important to check in though, because…

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Published by loveandspit on March 27, 2017

EP. 62: Feminism vs Marriage

We have a “Tip-of-the-Tits” to Mamoun’s Falafel, our unofficial sponsor. We read this article arguing against marriage, from a feminist perspective, and we each have some different perspectives on her argument. There is an argument that marriage, with its base in patriarchy, still makes life worse for women because they have to play the mother role in…

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Published by loveandspit on March 20, 2017

Ep. 61: Financial cheating and money dreams in a relationship

We did our taxes this weekend! Between doing taxes and reading this article about cheating on your partner financially, we figured we’d do another money and relationships episode. We have conversations to keep ourselves accountable financially, but those conversations are hard. Jacob can be compulsive when it comes to budgeting so Chloé does most of…

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Published by loveandspit on March 13, 2017

Ep. 60: Interview with Samantha Best- Curating art and magic vaginas

We are interviewing online art curarator Samantha Best. We tell horror stories from the bar/restaurant Jacob and I used to manage in St. Louis. Samantha tells us about her worst job experience working at and living above a pub in London. Samantha works as a curator, is getting her master’s degree and looking at the…

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Published by loveandspit on March 6, 2017

Ep. 59: Help! I’m in love with a crazy person!

What is “crazy” and when is it really a problem? There is a difference between an exasperated “I’m going to kill myself” as an emotional hostage situation and real suicidal tendencies and thoughts. How do you know when help is needed and when life is just messy that moment? Is it a pattern of behavior…

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Published by loveandspit on February 27, 2017

Ep. 58: The penis episode

The penis episode. Specifically, penile failures. There are many reasons why the penis won’t act the way you want it to. “I’ve been consuming poison and you’re like ‘you wanna have some sex?’ Well yeah, that sounds good too. Let me just finish this poison, and let’s, uh, get in bed.” Alcohol, smoking, anxiety, depression,…

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Published by loveandspit on February 20, 2017

Ep. 57: Male Shame and Sexuality

Jacob is changing. He tends to think more than “straight run my mouth.” We’re talking about a blog post called “Why does dating men make me feel like shit?” by Emma Lindsay. She’s arguing that she feels shame about her body and self worth when dating men because men feel shame of their sexuality, and…

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Published by loveandspit on February 13, 2017

Ep. 56: Interview with the “Black Buddha Rapper” and artist Johnny Hobbes

Johnny talks about his month studying a Buddhist temple, and meditating for 7 hours a day. He talks about how that experience affected his art and purpose. Ayahuasca was part of Johnny’s personal and artistic transformation. He’s been doing stand up to open up his rapping performance. Johnny Hobbes is his stage name. His real…

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